I feel ya – the empathetic heart of Christ 

One of the greatest things about life is that you get to do it with other people. I love people and I love reading about how much Jesus loved people. When it comes to loving on anyone and everyone, Jesus lead the way. Lately, I have felt God putting the word empathy on my heart. I have been reading and slowly learning how, for us to truly and deeply love people, we have to have this thing called empathy. Jesus had it mastered. When Jesus encountered people, people meaning the rich, the poor, the young, the broken, the loud, the meek, or the least, He had a way of looking straight into their hearts and loving them right where they were. Whether that be atop a pile of sin or at the beginning of a righteous pathway. His way of love involved something that is not easy for us, feeling them. We want to love people but from a distance. We don’t always want to hear about people’s baggage and their broken pieces. Jesus not only observed broken hearts, empty lives, and hurting souls, He felt them and He sought them. When people looked into Jesus’ eyes they saw a light of understanding and sharing that brought a deep comfort and healing. They felt loved because their pain was seen, heard, and yes, felt. There is a reason God sent Jesus to be human. God could have sent Jesus down to hover over us from a distance and teach us like a divine prophetic aura. But, God sent Jesus to be a human, and to experience pain, suffering, and loss. Jesus was able to feel first for Himself what others would also feel. And being the perfect Savior that He was, He felt perfectly and He loved perfectly through the understanding of what people would feel. He had no agenda, He listened and He saw. Then He felt. Then He prayed and healed and spoke life through that great love connection. I love reading about the man that Jesus was and thankfully still is. He shows me how to love with an empathetic heart. I want to love like that. 


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